Mine’s a double – Yet another challenge and kick in the teeth 

Gingerbread's campaign blog

I am a single parent with twin boys. I don’t receive any financial support or any other input from the boys’ dad or his family. I am about to begin work two and half days so that we can afford to rent our own two bed house in the local town.

Since having the twins, and finding myself alone as a parent, I chose to move in with my extended family as I was financially stuck. I am a professional, and have previously paid high tax as I was a high earner. I never complained about paying my taxes and I still lived comfortably. Since my situation changed, and I found myself providing for two infants and myself, I have struggled to adjust. However, I have been able to manage, and now we are just about covering our rent, bills, food and childcare needs, but this is with the help…

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