Austin Foenander – Spartan IQ – IQ first aid – Kando consulting

Watch out!


Austin Foenander.

I want to publically expose this man and his fraudulent business practises.Both myself and 7 others were subject to his latest scam recently- IQ first aid training – Kando consulting. – Spartan IQ.

This is how we were all messaged on LinkedIn –

IQ First Aid are currently looking for 10 enthusiastic people who are looking to earn an extra income by training others in first aid.

Typically, the course to become a first aid trainer can cost over £2,000, but we’re sponsoring places on our certification course – you will pay us back in time instead of money. In the workplace, first aid is a yearly mandatory requirement, and with more and more days taken off work due to accidents, First Aid has never seen such a high demand. The rate of pay for ‘Independent Instructors’ is very high: 1 day per month = £650 (£7,800…

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